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Meeting schedule:

SECOND MONDAY OF THE MONTH:  Seaview Tavern, 6 for 6:15 pm, then Uniting Church Hall, 5 Trafalgar St for the meeting – finish at 8pm

FIRST AND THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH: usually NO general meeting (but 7 Jun 2021 is a meeting)

FOURTH MONDAY OF THE MONTH:  as for second Monday

FIFTH MONDAY OF A MONTH:  Social event, outing, vocational visit or meeting – contact us for details

Book on History of Woolgoolga – join the waiting list!

The special edition of Yeates’ Woolgoolga: History of a Village is again sold out of the latest reprint.  IF you would like one, please put your name on our waiting list for a possible fifth reprint in the future  – by contacting us on rotary@bioaccent.com.au or via the website contact page. Before our 2013 edition, copies of the only comprehensive history book on Woolgoolga had been as rare as hens’ teeth. The special edition has 20 new pages, including 4 full-colour plates; 304 pages in all. The late Neil Yeates wrote “Woolgoolga: the History of a Village” for residents, both longstanding and recent, as well as for students and visitors interested in learning about the history and culture of the place they are in. Meticulous research went into it, and it is full of historical photographs, most of which can be seen nowhere else.  

Annual Report (released June 2020) available

A summary of the club’s activity over the 12 months to June 2020 is available in the latest Annual Report.  The last section of that report reviews 32 years of service. Previous reports are on our Documents page

End of an era – no more monthly auctions

It’s the end of an era! After more than 30 years, Woolgoolga’s monthly Rotary Auctions have come to an end. “Many locals have furnished first homes or set up the granny flat or accommodation for student children with affordable furniture and household goods. Many have found and restored an antique, a treasure from a bygone era. Still others such as berry pickers have furnished their accommodation then donated items back at the end of their stay.  And many who are downsizing or moving have donated goods that are still useful, avoided the hassle of garage sales and found their move easier and more rewarding as a result”, according to Rotary Club Past President Pam Stone.

Woolgoolga Rotary has funded many local projects and helped out in national and international disasters through funds raised at the auctions. Contributions to building the seniors centre, the retirement village, Yeates Hall, local sporting facilities, the toddlers pool at the swimming pool, the Heritage Walk, many youth programs … none of these things would have been possible without funds from the Rotary auctions.

Retired auction director Dick Matthews records that over the 30 years, more than three quarters of a million dollars have been raised from auctioning used goods.   Each year over $8,000 is donated to the various groups that help Rotary run the auction…from schools and pre-schools to scouts, red cross, rural fire services, community gardens  and sporting clubs.

“The auction has been a valuable fund raiser for many local community groups, not just Rotary”, he said.

Woolgoolga Rotary would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who have generously donated used goods to the Rotary Auctions over the years as well as those who have come along and bid for a bargain.

With the changing times, Woolgoolga Rotary Club will be trialling some new exciting fund raising ideas over coming months and continues to welcome new members of all ages to join the Club and help shape new directions, new projects and to serve the community going forward.  Do you have a favourite auction story or a favourite bargain you got at the auction? What would you like to see Rotary out and about doing in the Woolgoolga community in the future?  Do you have any ideas for uses for the Rotary auction shed and compound after June?  The Club would love to hear from you via its contact system on this website, email Rotary@bioaccent.com.au or phone Pam or David on 02 6654 7700.

Artwork gems still available

Despite a very successful Art by the Sea, and some of our top-drawer artworks being snapped up by keen, savvy buyers, we still have seven works that were among the best in the exhibition.  The post-exhibition catalogue is here. The notable items still available are

  • Two works by Kathleen Clement, noted US artist. “Who’s Who in American Art.” 19th ed. 1991–1992. You can read her full biography here, from “North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary”.  The untitled work in mauve and green tones was purchased by an Australian collector in Mexico from the artist, who was resident there at the time.
  • Two works by well-known Victorian artist Patricia Royle, noted for sought-after landscapes, particularly of the Mount Macedon area. Winner of the Earl Louis Mountbatten British Overseas League Prize 1979-80; her painting of Melbourne hangs in the League’s London Headquarters. Wonderfully framed in matching frames.
  • Mask, by Devayani (artist’s proof).  We are not sure, but think it’s likely that this is influential Indian female artist Devayani Krishna, profiled in “Modern Indian Painting, Volume 1”, P. R. Ramachandra Rao. Renowned for watercolour, graphic media, printmaking. Painter of “engaging naivete”, noted for “arresting portraits” & drawing inspiration from Indian folk art.
  • Two still lifes by celebrated local artist George Ray